Thursday, April 19, 2012

Time To Go Outside And Play

Well, I actually started writing this a couple of months ago after watching the videos from the Ancestral health Symposium.  In particular the talks given by Mark Sisson and Erwan LeCorre.  It was kind of long and drawn out, and it was starting to bore me, so I just deleted it.  Part of the reason it was taking me so long to write it is that I have been taking my own advise.  GET OUT OF THE FUCKING HOUSE!  Get outside and play.  Feel the joy of moving. Get dirty!!!. If you have children this is mandatory.  How do you want your kids to remember you.  ”Dad sure was a hard worker.  The house was always kept perfect, the lawn was immaculate, and he never passed up an opportunity to put in some overtime and earn some extra cash.  It would have been nice to see him more though.”  Or, “Dad was awesome.  He always had time for us, always played with us, gave us so many happy memories, and always taught us fun ways to be happy and healthy.”  I know which way I’ve chosen.
I went to the park with my kids the other day and was completely disgusted with what I saw.  99% of the parents there couldn’t get their asses of the benches or their eyes of their iPhones for half a fucking second to interact with their kids.  I don’t think the majority of them even knew were there kids were half the time.  It was kind of heart-breaking to watch a kid begging their parent to just interact with them even just a little, only to be told to “Go”. I swear, there was only one other guy that was throwing a football around with his son.  It is important to give the kids some independence on the playground, and I absolutely give it.  It helps them develop social and problem solving skills which are desperately needed these days. But I also want them to see that dad still likes to play and have fun and it doesn’t have to end when you grow up.  We got in some good games of tag, and several races(they were actually pretty long runs, and all my oldest’s idea).
The other thing I see my kids learning is that fences are meant to be climbed, gates are optional. Trails are OK to follow, but it’s also fun to make your own path.  1) We are having fun, getting some exercise, exploring nature, and making discoveries.  2) I think these lessons translate well later in life into other areas.  I don’t want my kids growing up to be sheep.
Now, here is where LeCorre comes into play.  Most of us have forgotten how to move and play properly.  It is important to re-learn these skills so we get the most out of it and ***NOT GET HURT***.  I watch my 3 year old playing in the back yard, barefoot of course. She naturally has perfect barefoot running form. She performs the “Grok Squat” with ease and can sit there indefinitely.   No need to re-learn anything. Unfortunately, it’s not the same for most of us. We need a little help remembering who we are.
Bottom line, turn of the damn computer and go outside. Do something fun. Be a kid again. Be a kid with your kids.

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