About Me

So who am I and why should you care what I have to say?  My name is David and I am someone that has had great success and changed my life thanks to this way of life.  It wasn't that long ago that I was 250 pounds with absolutely zero fitness level.  I had come to the conclusion that I was most likely going to die at an early age from a heart attack, or end up developing diabetes like my father before me.  I have a high stress job, wasn't getting the best  sleep, and was letting day to day stress eat me up inside.  I have two small children, and the thought of not being there to provide or them made me start searching for a change.  I came upon Mark Sisson's web site Mark's Daily Apple and quickly began to devour everything on the site.  It all just seemed to make sense to me.  I bought his book, the Primal Blueprint, and began living this Primal adventure.  I now weigh 175 pounds, have gone from a size 40 waist to a size 31, and I look forward to any and all physical activity.  I have gone from a person who got winded from walking up stairs, to someone who looks forward to Tabata's and swinging heavy kettlebells.  It used to be if wanted to find me you just needed to look in front of the TV and there I was.  Now your best bet is to look outside.  I have rediscovered the joy of nature that I had as a child.